Weblos 2 Den

Cub Motto:
Do Your Best

webelos-badgeThe Webelos badge is the fifth rank in Cub Scouting (coming after Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, and Bear). Webelos 2 is the second year of Weblos and is for boys in the fifth grade or eleven years old. You can start on it as soon as you join a Webelos den, and have earned the Bobcat badge. To earn the Webelos badge you must be active in your den for at least 3 months and complete the requirements. You'll be proud to earn the Webelos rank and receive your badge at a pack meeting.

webelos-handbookDetails regarding the completion of the requirements and activity Badges can be found in the BSA Webelos Handbook.

One of the differences between Webelos and younger Cub Scouts is that the Webelos Den Leader signs off the completed activities of a Webelos Scout.

Note that two Webelos badges are shown on this page. The first is a diamond-shaped cloth badge that is gold and light blue embroidered on dark blue background with gold trim. It is worn on the left pocket of the blue Cub Scout uniform in the 6 o'clock position, as shown in Insignia Guide. This diamond-shaped patch can still be worn by Webelos that have earned it as part of the four-patch 'diamond.'

webelos-oval-badgeThe other Webelos badge is an oval-shaped cloth badge, gold and light blue embroidered on khaki background with khaki trim. It is worn centered on the left pocket of the khaki Scout shirt, with no other rank patches, as shown in Insignia Guide.

The Webelos program is extensive and extends over two years. We divide our webelos into Webelos 1 (first year) and Webelos 2 (final cub scout year).

Each cub scout also receives a subscription to the Boys Life Magazine.