Wolf Cub Den

Cub Motto:
Do Your Best

wolfe-badgeWolf Cubs, BSA, is a program for boys in the second grade and their adult partners.This is a big adventure for a boy, one the Boy Scouts of America hopes all boys will complete. The Bobcat trail has only seven tracks; the Wolf's trail is much longer than the Bobcat's. To earn the Wolf rank a Cub Scout must complete 58 tasks out of a possible 74 tasks that are offered in the book.

Each boy-adult partner team should have a copy of the Wolf Cub Handbook. It includes the advancement requirements and electives that the boys and adults can complete together. Program elements are also explained, as well as how meetings can help boys advance.

wolf-handbookWhen a boy's parent has okayed the tracks your boy has filled in for all twelve achievements in his Wolf handbook, he may become a Wolf Cub Scout. The Progress Towards Ranks badge is available as an incentive during the Wolf program to encourage a Cub on his achievement work. How quickly a boy progresses is up to him and you. He should do his best to complete each track, that's part of the promise he made to become a Bobcat and it is the Cub Scout Motto - DO YOUR BEST. Don't okay a track if you both know he can do a better job. Go on to something else, then come back to the problem track. The important thing is to keep him interested.

Each cub scout also receives a subscription to the Boys Life Magazine.